The Legend of Bientang

...This cave was named after Bientang, the last known Khoi Strandloper to have lived in the cave. She lived here at the turn of the 19th Century and is said to have disappeared mysteriously, no one knows what happened to her...

The cave proved to be a very suitable home for her as she could be totally self-sufficient. She dined on the rich supply of seafood which she gathered within meters of her home. Running water was plentiful, thanks to the ever-trickling stream, which still runs to this day under the staircase at the entrance to the cave.

Fruit and vegetables were grown in her garden, which is where our kitchen stands today.

Bientang was very protective of her home and guarded it passionately. It was not uncommon for her to hurl profanities as well as the occasional rock at people who dared to trespass in her domain. The ageing Strandloper was however not all bite, and lived in total harmony with all of God's creatures, which were plentiful in those days. It has been said that a family of Spotted-Genet Cats were her constant companions, they still live in the cliffs and if you are lucky, you might just see them too.

Bientang was believed to have been a very spiritual being with supernatural powers and the ability to communicate with animals. Pods of whales would return year after year to this exact spot and remain here for months on end. We would like to believe that it is this same spirit of Bientang, which attracts the whales to Walker Bay each year. The spirit of Bientang remains with us. Perhaps you can feel it too!